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Internal Control is nothing more than Common Sense

Talk is cheap

Rev. 12/30/14

By less than popular demand, the 1ceman has expanded his web coverage concerning Internal Control - that much maligned (if even recognized) management tool for improved accountability in the public and private sector.

Let's face it, common sense is not all that common these days. Platitudes, political correctness, training gimmicks, slogans and sound bites rule the day.

If you are tired of slogans, t-shirts, bumper stickers and coffee mugs, we offer two dozen+ succinct documents, suitable for management training. Rank & file, middle managers and executives can all benefit by reading and absorbing a variety of common sense topics (all in PDF format), including:

Then there is that whimsical slideshow - covering the myriad buzz-phrases of the fascinating world of Internal Control.  Click here for a look-see.  We left out "accountability and transparency" - because you can see right through that!

But wait, there's still more! Visit any of the sites below for additional information about the glamourous world of Internal Control.

Internal Control Association
If you are looking for the New York State Internal Control Association, (NYSICA) click on the button at left, to go to their new domain (NYSICA.COM).
NYSICA is a nationally recognized resource for government-related internal control information.

NY State Internal Control Association

Internal Control Task Force
NYSICA has joined with the NY State Division of the Budget and the Office of the State Comptroller to improve agency implementation of New York's Internal Control Act. Click the button at left to visit the Task Force's temporary home.

NYS Internal Control Task Force

Other Resources
For other useful links to internal control/internal audit sites, and worthwhile publications, (including the humorous guide to Low Performance Organizations), click the IC-IA Link button at left.

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